ART WORKS - Skylines

1st Prize: Lamp Post by Remona Hayes

2nd Prize: Monument by Phil Hawkins

3rd Prize: Reflections by Sue Doherty
 Contrails Over The Currie by Mike Joines

Quarry by Adrienne Smeeton

Stormy Seas by Louise Garwood  

Metallic Moonlight by Susan Uncle

Sűleymaniye by Ingrid O'Sullivan

Oils Ain't Oils by Sue Neilsen

VIVID by Robyn Spalding

Vertical Rainbow by Jeff Hutner

Oasis by Neal Uncle

 Controlled Burn Sunset by Amy Ryan-Huber

  Skylines by Catherine Shearing
Opening Night

Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners

A few words from LRA president

George Town Mayor opens the show