Inspiration Panel

This enigmatic shiny monolith, named "Inspiration Panel", is embossed with inspiring words and embedded with miniature engraved copper discs. 
It is a collaborative work by artists Mark Hoban, Peter Hjort, Teena Benefield, and  Bruno Barcodi...

Mark made the body of the work from stainless steel and stamped words that conjure up the better parts of human nature.
The late PeterHjort added the bubbles, which represent man's efforts to succeed in life. 
Bruno added a copper panel of "love tokens" (the discs), that Mark describes "added a historic element to the work as well as an image of man's continuing search for passion." 
Teena added some fittings from sailing ships that spoke of our adventurous and curious natures. Sadly, this element of the work has been removed years ago.
(This text adapted from an email from Mark Hoban, thanks Mark)


Mark Hoban is a Tasmanian Sculptor based in George Town. In addition to the public works on display he has also produced diverse other works such as these scrimshaw (Scrimshaw @ LINC). Some of his other work also resided in the same location for some years but has since been sold to private collectors.